How it Works

CBC backups your contacts and can be restored anytime, on any device as required. Make calls to your offline friend using ‘application to mobile’ call feature. Chat with your contacts as needed by sharing your files at a flicks of a switch.

Contact Backup

We are all aware of how baffling it can be to lose your contacts. Some of the contacts may be really important for personal and/or professional needs.

Contact Restore

Backed up contacts can be restored at any time required. Even if the contacts are deleted it can restored using CBC’s restore option.

Call & Chat

Enjoy free voice calls on CBC for both app to app and app to mobile calls and discover many features to help you stay connected with the people in your contact list.


About Our App

CBC (Cellular Backup Contact) is a mobile application that automatically backs up all iPhone / Android mobile contacts and constantly updates the initial contact changes

The mobile application allows the users to send and receive SMS and call from the contact list by using either application to application, or application to mobile call. CBC App offers its users easy access anywhere in the world to their contacts if you have access to the internet and a telephone system. CBC application has a “Restore Access” to restore the contacts, a “Backup Access” to initialize the automatic backup after upgrading to a new version hardware/New phone, and a search access to search by names or by area code.


CBC Great Feature

We've been working really hard to improve the appino with this amazing new features that you aked for! Check out the appino’s new amazing features.

Backup Contacts
Restore contacts
App to App Call
App to Mobile Call
Chat as you go
Ease to use

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We have completely updated our work, making it much easier for you to find the information you need. Check out the recently updated work and learn more about application.


People’s privacy and how this privacy is protected by the companies who have access to data is a major concern for people worldwide


While many social app users around the world are still trying to get over the major data breaches that have recently become public


The CBC now available on desktop as well as on mobile, which means you can reply to a message that has been sent a while